domenica 2 marzo 2014

Have a big demonstration from XC
a confirmation cause we're talking about basic members of italian
and international extreme music!
Davide "BrutalDave" Billia - Drums & Vocals( Antropofagus, Beheaded,
Putridity, Septycal Gorge), all bands that make of extreme sounds their
house flag!
Max - Bass, Guitars, Vocals(Clitoridus Invaginatus, ex-Vomit the Soul,
ex-Modus Delicti), even these are a tidal wave of
big album that hit death\brutal death world.

Let's talk bout the album: chasm of no return.

It start with an electonic intro, that sound cyber\sci-fi, that rises into a
pacemaker song that hold your breath: violent drum and sharp riffs;
so you have all the basics to be scared of going on listening to the cs! A

The second song start with a drum and riff ride that remind american
brutal and european death (first Decrepit Birth\Emeth); then develops
in headbanging riffs, much more marked in the rythm - as far as their
sound could be-with a puond drumming merciless with the listener!

The next to last song is a march of destruction, a drumming and riff
caterpillar that will hurt you! a wave of violence, a great crossing
between Vomit the Soul e Septical Gorge, but with much more
emphasis, a monolith!

Last -but not least- song, with a steamroller to underline the end of the
cd, leaving you a scar! a great explosion of violence!

All the lyrics are about certain topics as fantasy, ufology, alien's
attacks, as we can see in the booklet cover where we find an discrict 9
style alien (if you don't know the movie... well shame on you and run to
see it!). Is a big news in a genre full of sadism and serial killers!
is an uneven topic full of starting points, so we'll certainly see other
great lyrics as we saw in this mini!

Overall is a really violent album, with no limits! a crushing power with
no compromises, that lead us thinkin good for the next full.

If you dont have the cd... have it motherfuckers! Cause you'll gonna
have a piece of history!!!\m/

Review by Ichi & Valgore

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